Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi everyone -
Today I want to share an amazing product for those of us who have to organise our toys. This storage system is for all my steel dies from various companies eg Dienamics, Cheery Lynne, Sizzix, Spellbinders, Memory Box, etc.
Here is the product description below and I will attach the photo I took of my dies after being attached to the magnetic sheets.
It is really  a neat storage solution, keeping all the little bits together. Please email me - if you need any further information.

ART BIN-Magnetic Die Storage Case. This clever storage system provides a simple solution for storing metal dies. Simply place a die on the magnetic sheet and it will be securely held there until you are ready to use it. Store the sheets inside the case and your metal dies will all be organized and contained. The case is made of translucent plastic and two sliding latches keep the lid securely shut. Overall measurements of the case are 9-1/4x10x2-3/4 inches; the magnetic sheets measure 9x7 inches. This package contains one storage case and three magnetic sheets. All dies sold separately. Imported.

ART BIN-Magnetic Die Sheets. These magnetic sheets will securely hold any and all of your metal dies in place! Simply place the die on the surface until you are ready to use it. Each sheet measures 9x7 inches and is specifically designed to fit inside the ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case (sold separately). This package contains three magnetic sheets. All dies sold separately. Imported.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Studio

Here are some pictures of the not so new Studio.
It has proven to be a delightful work area with all my crafting stuff well organised and more or less at hand.
There are still a few things that are in production which will ease certain areas and we look forward to their installation.
Teaching in this wonderful space has been so satisfying and I have enjoyed producing my version of art here. The ladies who have come to the studio also seem to be enjoying the space and we have had lots of creative fun.

Back in the saddle

Hallo all
I am going to try and do this on my own now - have to learn how to download the photos too so big learning curve for me.
I am going to add some photos of the shop and will do studio later - hardly new now - but you'll get an idea of what we have been up to.
I would also like to wish you all a fabulous 2012.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ranger University

Ranger University took place over 3 days and what a fabulous time it was. I met some really interesting ladies and gents from all over - Holland, France, Germany, England, Canada and of course the USA.

On our first day we had a little ceremony where we all introduced ourselves and then had a fascinating tour of the factory - the barrel with the glitter glue was amazing - it is very interesting watching the clever production line and seeing how stamp pads are inked and put together - Ranger employs 60 people so although a lot is automated plenty is done by hand.
Our first session was taught by Tim Holtz and we learnt all about perfect pearls and their application.

After a lunch break Suze Weinberg took over and we learnt all about the melt pot and Ultra Thick Embossing and then did a wonderful project where we applied all the pieces we had made to a mirror.

The chaps from Ranger and Suze's husband Lenny cooked a delicious barbeque for us and we got to know the other attendees on a more social level.

On Saturday morning Claudine Helmuth took over and introduced us to her versatile line of products - her paints are just delicious and working on the canvas just a dream.

My favourite technique is the batik resist - the canvas also goes through the cuttle bug a real treat!
After a well deserved lunch we did a project making a little box for our tags using the techniques we had learnt.

Tim then took over and we spent the afternoon delving into the magical world of distress - powders, pads, stickles, refill inks - you name it we learnt about it with lots of technical information thrown in and lots of tips as well.
Suze then came to pick up some of the girls and we went to visit her in her fabulous home - decorated so stunningly in an oriental theme with a lot of handmade art made by well know artisans from all over as well as lots of her own art - it is all so beautifully placed - it is so imaginative and special but when I look at my photos they just don't do her home justice. Her studio is jam packed and so well organised.
She shared a technique to make beads that she calls Leandra beads which are so cool!

On Sunday morning the pace picked up and we produced tag after tag using all the Adirondack products - pads both pigment and dye, powders, pens, washes, dimensional pearls, embossing powders, and alcohol inks - sure there are many more but so zonked with overload I can't think straight.
We produced about 64 tags of techniques in all with a little project interspersed here and there.
After the certification we had a little pep talk about what our role now is in the industry which was very interesting ... and THEN WE WERE GIVEN STUFF - oh my goodness - everything that we had worked with - we were given it all - not full ranges but certainly enough to keep us busy for a day or two - such generosity I have never experienced in all my life.
We were fed deliciously and kept in treats - chocolates, sweeties, nuts, biscuits, cold drinks, donuts - the sugar high never stopped!
It has been a fascinating time and I have really lived the journey - it has been a real dream come true.
I feel really empowered by this journey and so very grateful to Robin for bringing me here and giving me this enriching experience.

Excuses, excuses

Difficult internet connections, no time, extreme tiredness, but mainly trying to finish one post so that all are in chronological order. Well, we have decided that rambling also allows for jumping back and forth in time, so we'll post what we're ready with, including some stuff that we have sent in emails!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More pics, eventually!

The promised crabs at Union market,

Starry Night

and of course views of the Chrysler and Flatiron Buildings, our favourites.

Saw a couple of Antony Gormley's naked men

and the downtown skyline and Brooklyn Bridge

from the Manhattan Bridge.

Our flag at the UN.

Finally made it to the Top of the Rock. Looking north over Central Park

and south.

Not sure which were scarier, the dried sea creatures in Chinatown

or the cupcakes!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A couple of Pictures

Today was shopping day and we did well!
In response to all (both) of the requests, here are some pictures.
The view from our window

As always, we saw a wedding - this time next to Central Park

At Union Square market we saw vegetables

some hand dyed merino wool

and crabs - but it seems we can't add more so wait for next time!