Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Studio

Here are some pictures of the not so new Studio.
It has proven to be a delightful work area with all my crafting stuff well organised and more or less at hand.
There are still a few things that are in production which will ease certain areas and we look forward to their installation.
Teaching in this wonderful space has been so satisfying and I have enjoyed producing my version of art here. The ladies who have come to the studio also seem to be enjoying the space and we have had lots of creative fun.


  1. Niki,
    I have just seen both post of your studio and shop and can't wait to visit in April. Absolutely fabulous! No getting away from it, having the right place to play and create in makes a girl very happy indeed. So well worth the wait to achieve this. Well done and keep the posts happening. Be good to see what's in the shop occasionally.
    Many hugz

  2. This is absolutely the most divine shop ever. Niki, since you are a crafter and stamper, you know exactly what we want to see in a shop. Not tons of scrapbooking goodies, just yummy imported stamps, inkpads, cord of every description and all the other items that make a stamper/papercrafter's life worth living.
    Moz, I suggest taking out a bond on your house before you visit in April......
    Yvonne (Hellyar)

  3. Oh wow Niki, I never imagined that your shop would look so beautiful. These pics are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. hugs Sharon

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment - i am really please how it turned out.